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Do you have squirrels around in your attic? It could quite possibly be from squirrels. They will enter your home any place they can. We will inspect your home for squirrel damage like chewing, damaged electrical wires, damaged duct work, squirrel nesting, gnawing and fecal matters. In most cases they will chew into boarded siding, soffits, or other places that may have been open prior to the squirrels getting in.

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Squirrels are extremely destructive and can do a great deal of damage to your home and assets. They normally make a lot of scratching or running sounds between 6 and 8 A.M.  Squirrels are persistent and professional prevention services should be contacted as soon as squirrel issues are identified to prevent harmful problems and squirrel infestations.  Squirrels also gain entry into chimneys, attics or walls or other less visited areas of your home.

Not only do we offer squirrel removal, we offer squirrel damage repair.

They scratch and chew their way in and make nests. They can have anywhere from two to eight babies which are called kittens. Mother squirrels are very protective of their young, so extreme caution must be taken with these animals because they can become very aggressive if they feel we are going to harm them or their young. We advise you not to get near a squirrels nesting site because a mother squirrel can attack. A few bites or scratches are not all you have to worry about when you come in contact with a squirrel. They also carry many diseases, especially through their saliva.

Squirrels have over a hundred different species and are related to prairie dogs, woodchucks, flying squirrels ‘which we do have in Tennessee’ and ground squirrels or “chipmunks”. The sooner these problems are resolved, the lower the cost is for you. Don’t delay and call Critter Getter today!

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