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Who wants snakes slithering around under their house? Snakes get a bad rap but snakes and other critters come crawling or slithering onto your property or in your home to seek shelter or have a safe place for a nest. This can become a problem for homeowners because snakes when feeling threatened may strike. There are over thirty different types of snakes in Tennessee only four are venomous but they could still cause a lot of damage and leave an uneasy feeling in the home. Some of the most common NONvenomous snakes that are seen include: Kingsnake, Gartersnake, Brownsnake, Racer, Ringnecked Snake, Rat or Chicken Snake, Corn Snake, Water Snake, Red Belly Snake. The four VENOMOUS snakes include: Cottonmouth, Western Pigmy Rattlesnake, Timber Rattlesnake, and Copperhead.

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During warmer months is when snakes are most active. Typically it is during this time of year they seek shelther in cool, damp areas. Areas to look out for would be, rock piles, wood piles, weedy areas, cracks or holes in foundations of buildings or house. Snakes use rodent holes to travel through soil. Rodents such as, mice, are attractants for snakes as a food source. This is a reason that rodent control is important as well. Contact us today for your snake removal needs!

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