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Skunks are well known for their powerful predator deterrent hard to remove, horrible smelling spray. A skunk’s spray is an oily and sulfurous liquid made by glands under its tail. To deploy this scent bomb, a skunk turns around and blasts its enemy with a foul mist that can travel as far as ten feet. It can linger for many days and is very hard and sometimes impossible to remove it. As a defense technique, their spray is very effective. There are many different kinds of skunks. They differ in size (most are domestic house cat-sized) and appear in a variety of spotted, striped, and swirled patterns, but all are a vivid black and white. That makes them easy to identify and may alert predators to their potential.

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The Eastern Spotted Skunk is well known for its ability to perform a handstand when spraying. Skunks usually nest in burrows made by other animals, but they also live in hollow logs or even under houses, sheds and barns. In colder climates, some skunks may sleep in their nests for several weeks of the coldest season. Each female gives birth to between two and ten babies each year and they can grow up to four to ten pounds. They normally live two to four years old in the wild but have been known to live over twelve years old in captivity. Skunks are opportunistic eaters with a varied diet. They are nocturnal and omnivores preferring insects but they eat both plants and animals such as: fruit, plants, insects, larvae, worms, eggs, reptiles, small mammals and even fish.

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The most common complaints we get from these nuisance animals is: the skunks are living under the porch or house; the skunks have been spraying in the owners vicinity; the skunks are digging up holes in the yard or vegetables in the garden. If you are not a professional, do not approach these critters! They can temporary blind you with their spray. They can dig up things on your property, ruin your wiring, plumbing and duct work under your house. There is no deterrent like repellent spray, powder or devices to keep these stinky critters away. It is best and most efficient to have a professional trap them in a live cage trap and have them relocated. These wild animals can really become a nuisance when you accidentally run up on one or step on it, or when they leave their stench under your house or deck. Don’t delay and call Critter Getter today!

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