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Because the human race is growing bats are adapting and becoming more common in our houses in such places like chimneys, attics and walls. Most people have the wrong idea about bats. It is very essential that we have them on the earth because they control our insect population. One bat can eat up to one thousand insects every hour and they prefer mosquitoes. Without them, the insect population would be unbearable. With the bat population adapting in human dwellings the need for bat removal is increasing by the year.

There are no Vampire bats in the United States of America; although they are found in South America and few in Central America. Bats are nocturnal and sleep in the day and fly out of their roosts in the evening around dusk. The most common bats we have in Tennessee are Little Browns which can live up to thirty years old and Big Browns which can live up to nineteen years old. The problem with bats is their urine and mainly their guano or droppings. They also can carry rabies, but that is a lesser known danger. It is much easier to be exposed to their urine and guano. If the bats are not excluded out of your home or dwellings in time, you could catch Histoplasmosis from their droppings or feces.

Bat removal services are growing as more people are realizing bats are inhabiting your attics & crawlspaces.

Protect your home and family today and call Critter Getter to get a proper bat inspection to find out what type of bats you have. This is appropriate because different kinds of bats have different birthing and hibernating seasons. It is not appropriate to exterminate or trap the bats since they play such a huge role in the world so we only offer bat exclusion, with process of bat removal services we seal up the entire house one hundred percent from any cracks or openings that they can get in at and set one way exclusion valves which will allow them to fly out but will not let them back inside.

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